♥Sorry Boys, I'm LESBIAN ♥


Whoop! There is it!

“You know what’s funny? My love life.”

—   *sobbing hysterically*

Just some of my favorites dishes I have manage to accomplished for this term. YES! WEEK OFF. So much for summer break. Lol.

That beautiful simple moment when you open a new Nutella spread and you pretend not to struggle with peeling off the gold seal nicely and you just give up by poking the middle instead. As you deep your spoon to the chocolate velvety spread and spread it on your bread or just shove it in your mouth.. It’s just the most beautiful simple pornography before you or in your mouth.. Either way, how could you not.

..it was sickeningly sweet.

I am happy.

😂😍💖😄 #love I shall miss them both, badly. #SG to #Boston ✈️👓 (at Changi Airport Terminal 1)
That moment when you were going through old books because who have to scan them for future use, because you are going else where. And you found your doodles and you saw a fine print there. That you were sure that it was not you who have written it.
The penmanship was familiar and it hit you your ex-lover wrote it, without your knowledge and you just can’t because you were such a jerk for breaking up with him and you are now crying because you miss him.
We used to study with him and he told you he loves studying with you, that I brought out the best in him by passing your midterms and finals because I inspired you.
Now I am here, smiling like a fool that you wrote “I didn’t” like you own my book. And right now, I am crying because these post will just be a reminder of what we had. I know, I am awful of a person. I miss you, so much. But I got to keep moving forward because, maybe, just maybe… We’re not each other’s destination but just a stop along the way.
Honey, I love you. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry, babe. 
I can’t believe I am saying this but, I still keep the Queen of Hearts card in my wallet that you gave me. I still kept the deck of cards we used to play. It was foolish of me to let you go but I do know it was the right thing because I constantly think that I am not good enough for you. There as so much things I wanted to tell you and I am jerk for sending you a message that I do not want to pursue what we have. Like WTF in a text message. I am so sorry Honey, I know you won’t be seeing this post but Honey… Please forgive me somehow.
I was not completely honest when I said the reason why I was breaking up with you, I said it was because of mom and dad but the truth it I just miss boobie and pussies being with a woman and you well know that I am a lesbian. 
But one thing is for sure. You’re always the King of Hearts to my Queen of Hearts. I love you, goodbye. 


This year I have concluded that I should get something done for myself that would require continuos attention through out the whole year. Well, I have been told that my attention span is limited so why not… Prove them wrong? Am I mistaken to do such thing?

So here it goes, last December I treated myself for my birthday with a Moleskine weekly planner where I hope will be put into good use. I have customized it, as you can see. The inside are colorfully customized as well. I’m not going to show it now but eventually through out the year I might do so.

What shall I write? My thoughts, exactly. Events upcoming of course. My adventures during traveling. Basically my gibberish-ness that I think are diamonds. To me this would be like a journal? A diary? Who knows, even I don’t.

What shall happen? Big fat nothing. Really. Maybe I would puke rainbows and would ride unicorns at the end of the year. Literally. But we all do know it’s none sense. Lol. So yeah, whatevs…

So yes. This is for me. Just for me. For me. Me.

Selfish? Sorry not sorry.


Are you willing?

To be my cuddle buddy.


I did say please, right?


does chocolate even know it’s chocolate

No. They think they are unicorns.

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you give me butterflies but i’d never tell you…

You give me the creeps bro.


you give me butterflies but i’d never tell you…

You give me the creeps bro.

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Nothing’s happening interesting in my life right now. Why?!?!